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I am not enlightened, and yet, I am no longer "normal. " Since you are conception this, I be wary of you doubtless feel the same. Everywhere concerning the normal, Solid level of consciousness and the transparent, Fragile level of enlightenment, lies a very fluid, Liquid level of awareness.

Just ahead lies a exquisite glen, a large defrayal in the forests of the Soul. This glen is with you where you are, it lies just after your mind, just after your thoughts, just at the back of your emotions. This is sacred ground, the font of your true nature. Beforehand proceeding, you must leave your beliefs, your opinions and your Solid ideals behind, for those are the character of the Ego and the Ego has no affair here. In the core of this glen lies a still, mirror lake, a lake that all your thoughts, emotions and dreams arise from. Gaze down into this lake, into the image that stares back in fascination. See the contemplation of your true face in all its biological brilliance. . .

Are you a "Liquid?" Do you come into contact with the next symptoms?

- When you see a tree, do you see living, breathing life, an basic part of a touch so much more?

- When you feel the breeze, do you come across it as a lover, caressing your skin in a show of intimacy?

- Do you see belief arise in your mind, reflect for a moment, then get water on noiselessly back into nothingness?

And the most crucial distrust of all. . .

- Always?

Solid associates infrequently see the subtle. Eerie associates continually do. And the Liquids? Liquids constantly flow back and forth amid the two extremes. Like the tides of the ocean, they rise and fall according to their own nature. From time to time experiencing the Solid, at times experiencing the Ethereal.

At times we'll see It. At times we won't. Back and forth we go. From time to time trapped up in our minds, our hardly story. At other times it's just about as if we didn't exist, a "transparent eyeball" (as Emerson so aptly described), that looks out upon a world where boundaries fade and the words of Man are naught more than emotive air.

See this still and lonely lake. It's waters be a sign of the sky. Below the surface, nobody can be seen, and yet from its depths the total Universe arises. Can you see this lake that lies at the back of your thoughts? Can you see the peaceful glen that lies after your mind? Where do your emotions begin? What is the font of all your thoughts? Watch them arise and you'll soon find what you have never lost.

Many people, when they first start to come into contact with the Liquid state, think that they are Enlightened. They think that they have achieved the realm of the Ethereals. They tell the world they are Awake, they teach, they write, they get a detached "I see God" look in their eyes - they mislead. It isn't intentional. They just don't understand. There is a clear-cut test though, the test of Continual Consciousness. . .

Sleep. The night closes in about me. Feelings arise from the stillness, I watch them and the austere act of since them causes them to fade. Dreams arise, and I watch these. At times I'll play with them, hasty by means of the trees, under your own steam on the rings of Saturn, chatting with the Buddha. Like the thoughts, the dreams gently fade back into the Stillness, the Emptiness. All is silent, no thoughts, no dreams, no ego story - but an aliveness just the same. I watch this Barrenness too, I am this Emptiness. Devoid of thoughts, there is no time here, only this moment, only this Awareness. Gradually, the world starts to form again, my chest delicately rises as my body solidifies out of the Nothingness. I hear the sparrows exterior my casement and feel the cordiality of the sun on my skin. . .

Constant Consciousness. The sign of the Ethereals. They are aware even in the depths of deep dreamless sleep. They are continually aware. They are not fooled by the mind, they do not "forget" their True Face as we Liquids are so apt to do. They don't get trapped up in a world of gist and beliefs and ideals. Awareness all through deep, dreamless sleep. I have only experienced it once. But then, I am not enlightened.

The awareness of the Liquid is all the time in flux, continually shifting concerning two viewpoints, connecting that of the Solid and that of the Ethereal. As the dispossessed man approach, his eyes fixed steadily upon you, you feel your body cringe, not imperfect to be bothered, not in need to hear a tale of woe. But rapidly a shift occurs, the compassion arises and the ambiance of oneness envelops you. Although you can't allow it, your hand reaches into your compact for some change. . .

There is nonentity wrong with being Liquid. Once you develop into comfortable with its dynamic nature, it can be just about magical. The whole thing has its normal, solid perspective, and at the same time the whole lot is imbued with a spark of the Divine: Awareness becomes clear and overflowing with intuition, music takes on a development and life of its own, and the rain dances contentedly to the symphony of the Gods.

The Solid "You" melts. The story increasingly fades, and the Awareness that sees out your eyes, that sees out everyone's eyes, crystallizes. The drives, goals, and motivations of Man seem at once both silly and necessary. All Life acts in accordance to its nature. All is as it be supposed to be. All is well. On the lips of your True Face, a smile radiates.

Wayne Wirs is the photographer and dramatist of Fading About Enlightenment - Life among the Ego and the Ethereal. For more in a row about Wayne, his writings or his photography, choose visit http://FadingTowardEnlightenment. com.


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