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How does God see you? Does He like what He sees? Can I tell you He loves you 100% and loves the whole lot about you? He loves all your aggravating habits, He loves those extra pounds you have gained, and He loves you when you falter. Basically, He loves you. As a new beast in Christ when God looks at you He sees you as being redeemed. He sees the work Christ has complete on our behalf. He loves you even if you never alter from this very day.

This cock-crow I was frustrating to start my quiet time. I had my notebooks and Bible out all ready to get started. I sensed God saying, "Put those down. Calm your mind down. You know what, Kimberly I love you. Just think about it for a minute. " I briefly was in tears. He truly loves me. I know we all "know" God loves us, but do you certainly know it. Do you live like He loves you?

God thinks I'm beautiful! Whether the world thinks that or not! God likes my silly jokes, whether my kids like them or not. God thinks I'm cool even if the world says different. God sent his Son to die for me, how much more distinctive can that be.

Today, I ask you to truly dwell on the fact that God loves you. Soak in it, breathe it, and then live it. When God loves me I can confound no matter which in his concentration alone. I do best when I give it all to God and throw my hands up and say, "God it is yours I can't do it anymore. " It is a shame I don't do that first, but I'm education and you know what God loves me in spite of myself.

2004 Kimberly Chastain

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Kimberly Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Running Mom Coach and a Certified Marriage ceremony and Children Therapist. She was freshly featured in the book the Myth of the Accurate Mother. She is the biographer of "Help, I Just Can't Say No" and Pearls of Encouragement for Christian Functioning Moms. To schedule a free, opening schooling gathering send an email to free@kimberlychastain. com or visit http://www. christianworkingmom. com The Text In rank Box above MUST be incorporated for reprint privileges. You may reprint this commentary in it's entirety with the close text box.

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