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In the year 2000, I went on a mission trip to Guatemala with Wycliffe Bible Translators. It was a weeklong trip where we were able to see the outcome of the Bible change work in Guatemala. Ahead of going, my associates were illuminating me I was going to be converted into a missionary. I kept illuminating them, "No, I'm not. I'm just going to go on mission trips at some point in the summers when school's out and I don't have to teach. "

When I was in the attractive kingdom of Guatemala, I felt God impressing upon my heart the need for teachers in the mission field. Some families must leave the mission field since their brood aren't getting a condition education. I didn't want a big name to leave the crucial work of division the good news of the Gospel just as I was unwilling to teach in the mission field. I was bothered about having plumbing and electricity like I have at home.

As part of the trip we closed at a house where a follower breed was living. It was a charming home very akin to what I might find in the United States. The only discrepancy I could see was the water from the faucet wasn't drinkable, but most ancestors have bottled water delivered to their homes. It was as if God was adage to me, "A barely plumbing, Jill, that's it! You think I can't alias that?" I didn't want to live lacking electricity either. Most ancestors also have electricity so that was also a cast doubt on answered. I still didn't want to go to a alien land and live away from my breed and links and all that was accustomed to me.

My be with to last day in Guatemala, I prayed that if God sought after me to go into the external mission field, He would adjustment the needs of my heart. Our final night there, we met as a group and talked about our experiences. Approximately all and sundry was misrepresented as a answer of the week. When I spoke, I happening crying as I talked about how I alleged God hunted me to teach messenger kids in a exotic country. There were missionaries there who told me that beliefs in the mission field would be develop than coaching in the United States.

By the time I got back home, I required to go teach in a external country. I ended up in Guatemala and in fact have as students some of the kids that I met on that trip. A few weeks already leave-taking to come to Guatemala, I was anxious and thinking, "Should I just go to El Paso, Texas instead?" There was a mission there I could go to where I could go crosswise the border to Mexico everyday and work there. I also had a associate in El Paso and could go home by a long shot but certain anti that since I would never know what might have been if I didn't go to Guatemala.

When I got here, there were so many blessings God had in store for me that I never even imagined or belief about. Right away, I stayed with two altered families that reminded me so much of my own. They liked to play cards and board games and so did I. One of the families had kids the same ages as my nephew and nieces who liked to play out-of-doors games. My cathedral breed in Guatemala was a blessing to me also. They were so much like my minster ancestors at home and became my category in Guatemala. The climate was perfect, among 65 and 80 everyday of the year with very a small amount humidity. There was fresh fruit and vegetables accessible cheaply and close to where I lived as well. I

used to worry a lot already appearance to Guatemala but my first year here, I consider thinking, "God was preparing a place for me in Guatemala beforehand I even knew I was appearance here and had taken care of every allocate in advance. God is in be in command of and knows closely what He's doing, so why worry?"

I love alive in Guatemala and credo follower kids and don't have a plan to arrival and teach in the United States even if I can go there at some stage in the summer and at Christmastime and see my children and friends.

I have been a teacher/educator for 18 years. I am presently doctrine high drill math at a instruct for follower kids in Guatemala.


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