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"Mama, save me!"

My six year old son jumped into my arms as a horrendous crash of boom and a bolt lightening sent a fireball rolling crossways the argument for where we were. He was terrified, and truth to tell, so was I. But, I had no arms to jump into. I had no one to cling to -

Except God.

Immediately I cried out, "Lord, save us!" And, just like my small son who had jumped for security to my arms, I jumped into the arms of God, piously speaking. And you know what happened next? The fireball disintegrated ahead of my eyes, the wind calmed, the boom ceased. It was miraculous.

It was God attractive care of His children.

That confrontation reminded me of the time when Jesus was fast asleep in the boat while a storm raged on Galilee. "Don't you care if we perish?" his links asked, awaking him. In response, Jesus cleanly spoke to the winds and they clogged blowing.

It was God charming care of His children.

Do you have a storm rampant in your life, dear friend? Why not jump into the arms of a loving God? And although the storms rage high, the dark clouds roll -- you don't need to worry. You'll be sheltered; safe surrounded by the arms of God.

Linda S. Van Fleet is an dramatist of encouraging articles and short stories. She is the webmaster of I Have faith in in Angels, Do You? and Apple City Inspirations

2005 Linda S. Van Fleet


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