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10 appealing facts about guardian angel raphael - mysticism


1. Raphael means "God heals. " Raphael heals physical, emotional and spiritual problems, and is from time to time known as the "divine physician. " Raphael is said to have healed Abraham after his circumcision. Raphael also healed Jacob when he dislocated his hip after wrestling with an angel.

2. Raphael is by and large pictured land a fish. This is the fish that Tobias jammed while travelling to Media with Raphael. Raphael told him to cut out the fish's heart, liver and gall. Tobias, who did not know his travelling companion was Raphael, queried this astonishing request. The man told him that smoke made from the heart and liver would get free of evil spirits, and the gall would fix the sight of a celebrity with white film in his eyes. The trip was a success. Tobias was paid the money he was owed; he found a bride, and Raphael trained him how to use the smoke from the heart and liver to get free of the demon classified his bride. On inveterate home, Raphael showed him how to use the gall to fix up his father's eyesight. Only then did Raphael categorize himself.

3. As a conclusion of his journey with Tobias, Raphael became known as the bodyguard of travellers. He has an first-rate sense of humour, and is a good travelling companion. This is why he is often depicted as a pilgrim, dressed in a hat, and moving a on foot stick and a gourd containing each water or medicine.

4. Raphael is both a governess and a healer. He educated Tobias how to heal his father. He teaches us how to heal ourselves from the self-inflicted wounds we construct all the way through our actions. He also heals the wounds of all mankind and has been called the Keeper Angel of Humanity.

5. According to Jewish legend, Raphael helped Noah gain the awareness he desired to build his ark. After the flood subsided, he gave Noah a medicinal book.

6. Raphael helped King Solomon build his great temple. God gave Raphael a elite ring to give to Raphael. This ring enabled Solomon to charge thousands of demons to help be over the temple. This magic ring enclosed a pentagram, or five-sided star, on the seal. As a conclusion of this, the pentagram became one of the first health symbols.

7. It is apt that Raphael was the angel who entered the pool at Bethesda. The first character to enter the water at this eminent medicinal core after the angel had distressed it was directly cured of anything disease he had (John 5:2-4).

8. Raphael facial appearance in John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost. At some point in the classes of a conversation, Adam asked Raphael if angels have sex. Raphael blushed as he explained that angels enjoy spiritual sex.

9. Raphael (1483-1520), the eminent Italian artist, was named after the archangel, and painted him twice. In one of these, Raphael presents the infant Tobias to the Virgin Mary, who has the infant Jesus in her arms. Tobias is investment a small fish.

10. In 1918, an English nurse named Joy Snell wrote a book called The Department of Angels. In it she described how she commonly saw Raphael at the heads of badly ill patients. Every time she saw him, she knew the enduring would recover.

Richard Webster is biographer of more than eighty books plus Raphael, Atmosphere Guides and Angel Guardians, Michael, Gabriel and Miracles. His website is http://www. psychic. co. nz


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