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I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Maybe you've heard about the bullying of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) practitioners in China. Over the past five years, many colonize have been committed to mental institutions, tortured, detained, imprisoned, and even killed, austerely for refusing to give up this practice. Unfortunately, most Americans don't know about this situation, or they've been given a depressing impression, and so the bullying goes on. My aim is to give my depression of Falun Dafa, and hopefully, bring an awareness of this job to the citizens of this country--a fatherland that was founded on the basis of dutiful and spiritual freedom.

All of my life, I have been pointed for answers to all of life's most deep questions: Why am I here? What is the end of life? Why do bad equipment come about to good people? Who is God? Why does He allow all of this?

As a child and again as a teenager, I searched for the answers in Christianity, and even despite the fact that I sensed wisdom and truth in the experience of Jesus--being honest, loving thy neighbor, revolving the other cheek--there seemed to be amazing missing. Maybe a touch got lost in the translation.

I didn't have a challenge with not accord the whole lot about God's actions--I mean He is God after all, and so how can I be expecting to absorb Him? However, I did feel that I had some legitimate questions about justice. For instance, why do especially bad equipment crop up to seemingly good people? Why are babies born with deformities? How could this person's life of ninety years be equal to that person's life of 25 years? If all you have to do to go to heaven is have faith in that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, then what kind of a place would heaven be? I mean, I know a lot of associates who have faith in that, and I'm not especially sure that heaven would be change for the better than earth if that were the case. Also, what happens to ancestors who have never been exposed to Christianity or accept as true in some other god or religion? Obviously, I had a lot of questions that could not be answered inside the framework of contemporary Christian religions. Consequently, I gave up the search--at least for the time being.

When I was twenty-three years old, I became ill. Over the next few years, I became incapable to work, and I was in due course diagnosed with lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and vasculitis.

I had evils with every joint in my body; I couldn't stand, sit, or use my hands for any distance end to end of time; I had no energy and slept for about twelve hours every day; I often had acute pain that came and went for actually no analyze and continual pain that could last for hours; I often could not get comfortable an adequate amount to go to sleep; as of the total and kind of medicine that I took, I urbanized a lot of digestive problems; and I often ran a low-grade fever for days, and sometimes, weeks at a time.

Over the last two years, the vasculitis had develop into quite bad. I would often break out in large hives all over my body, and would get large spontaneous 'bruises' on my legs and arms that were not the consequence of any ordeal and which took an atypical extent of time to heal. I knew that this could not go on indefinitely, and so I had come to acknowledge the fact that the chunk of my life was relentlessly limited.

I attention that I would just try to live what was left of my life the best that I could, but I still longed for the answers to those age-old questions. Even despite the fact that I held I would collect the answers when I died, I categorical that I would ask for them while I still lived. So, one day, I imagined in my opinion crying out to the universe for help.

I remembered appraisal in a book that if you ever have a question, you be supposed to go to the library. Even if they don't have the answer, they can maybe help you find it or where to go to get it. So, I went to the documentation to look for the answer.

In the foyer, there is a dispatch board with flyers, announcements, etc. , and shelves beneath. I looked all over the journal board, all over the shelves, and on the base shelf, bottom a bit else, there was a brochure: a clear blue booklet with oriental typescript on it. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the answer. It was a Falun Dafa pamphlet, and confidential was a call name and number. That was February 6th of 2000.

I on track enthusiastic Falun Dafa contained by days. In weeks, I was able to stop attractive all of my medication, I became free of my illnesses, and I was in due course able to go back to work. These effects were actually just fringe profit to me--after all, I was just looking for answers, not healing--but I became well just the same!

The custom of Falun Dafa is very simple. It consists of five exercises--four standing, and one meeting meditation--and a set of three principles, which we accept as true to be the characteristics of the universe: Zhen (True), Shan (Good), and Ren (Endure).

The exercises are gentle and relaxing, as well as energizing. The carry out of implementing the principles-to be True, Good, and Endure--is simple, and yet amazingly powerful. You may become aware of that they are the same basic ethics that Jesus taught, as well. At the very base level, Falun Dafa is culture how to be a change for the better character in every air of life: at home, at work, and socially. At a privileged level, the goal is the same as other practices: wisdom and enlightenment. Falun Dafa is not a religion: we don't worship any exact God, while we do admit the being of great enlightened beings during description such as Jesus, Sakyamuni, Lao Zi, Amitabha, etc. ; we don't have temples; we don't have any type of administration; we don't have any rituals; there are no requirements; there is no membership; and we certainly do not affect ourselves with money. If you want to learn about Falun Dafa, any practitioner can and will teach you the exercises for free, all the books can be downloaded from the internet for free, and we do not even acknowledge donations. It's a pace-yourself kind of course--you carry out when you want to, how often you want to, and for how long you want to. It is finally up to you whether you custom or not.

Falun Dafa may very well be the main spiritual advance in the description of the world. Right now, there are an estimated 100 million practitioners world-wide, with practitioners in over 50 countries, plus the United States and China. All we want is to be good associates and be able to carry out our beliefs--our cultivation--without persecution.

Speaking of those answers: I did find them, as well. I also found a peace of mind and a sense of being that I never could have imagined. My goal is still to live my life the best that I can, but I also want to share what I have found with others who may be able to allowance as well. I would also like to let somebody know those who consider that we all have a basic human right to attempt our beliefs devoid of being persecuted about the location for millions of Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

For more information, delight see the next websites:

Faluninfo. net (for in rank about the persecution/to sign an electronic appeal)

Falundafa. org (for in rank about the attempt itself)

Please see my webpage for biographical in rank at: http://hometown. aol. com/barbbatson/myhomepage/index. html


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