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Jesus said, "No one can see the Kingdom of Heaven except he is BORN AGAIN," (Jn 3:3). A born again adherent is one who has, literally, been given a new lease on life. He or she gets to start over, sins forgiven. We be converted into new creatures, the old is gone, the new has come, (2 Cor 5:17). The Holy Spirit, the promised parakletos (comforter, in Greek), now dwells contained by each of us who are disciples of Christ. We are His home. Yes, God. . . the One who made both Heaven and earth. . . chooses to live All through those who claim Jesus as Lord so that He can build up His Kingdom By means of them. Yes, we be converted into His home but for Kingdom purposes, not for our own benefit.


Many are under the false consciousness that, as a disciple, our association with God basically makes us "better" people. A sort of "we're-in-the-club-and-you're-not" syndrome often sets in. WRONG! We're not Change for the better people. . . we're NEW people! (It's been said that some folks are nicer by character than Christians are by grace. ) We're called "Believers. " That means we are to Consider what Scripture says. I accept as true Jesus told us to go make more disciples, Matthew 28:18-20. Yes, we're now in God's family, but for a clear-cut purpose.

How can this be? Remember, we're spirit-beings having an at all experience. These bodies will die and our atmosphere will live forever. . . somewhere. Heaven or Hell, it's our choice. God Himself wants to co-labor with us to bring others into His Kingdom way of living. So that they can attain REAL life. Often, when a big shot arrogantly claims to be a Christian, one cannot help but astonishment if they have Life. REAL Life. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. . . ," (Jn 14:6). The ask then is, "Do they have Jesus?" Do we?

Sadly, many non-Christians are under the consciousness that we THINK we're beat than they are. This "holier than thou" perception has led them to illustrate God's kids as judgmental, hypocritical and boring, among other things.

The words of Christ are what brings about the most wanted possessions in our lives. Too many of us are all too aware that, frankly, since our believed salvation experience, not only have we not altered one iota, but many of us have done worse clothes SINCE we were "saved" than we did before! How can this be? Who are we kidding? Many altar human resources at large-scale evangelical crusades can confirm to the many re-curring "salvation" cards conventional by those responding to the "altar call. " Those organizations that keep good minutes can verify the vast figures of "recommitments" that come to the altar year after year, both to be "saved" (apparently on tenterhooks it really"sticks" this time) or as they know in their heart that nobody distorted after experiencing what they attention was a life-changing jiffy last time.

The catch is at the root. Our characteristic idea of salvation is that of one's sins being forgiven, absolute with a agreement of a house in heaven in the sweet by 'n by. Unfortunately, this was not what Jesus trained at all.

Jesus all ears on the here 'n now, and the conduct in which we were to conduct our lives in this new and breathing way to which He introduced. He even modeled it for us, background the standard. He skilled that we ought to 1) Repent and have faith in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, 2) deny ourselves, 3) take up our cross daily, 4) give up everything, and 5) over 30 times mentioned some form of the phrase, 'follow Me. ' It stands to argue that, as we make disciples, we be supposed to teach that being such is about subsequent the exemplar of Jesus Christ, doing His works and submitting to the Kingdom of God. Multitudes have a twisted sense of amnesty not including lifestyle change. . . and call it 'grace'. . . when, in fact, discipleship is about denying self and glorifying God. We cannot claim nationality in God's Kingdom and hang about congenial with this world's system. If we effort to do so, yet claim to be saved, we're deceived. Satan loves it when we feel acquire about our salvation not including also having to decline sin and carnality. He loves it even MORE when we be responsible for this lie from pulpits, in commentaries, Sunday Schools, seminaries, and the Christian media. Are we beliefs Eternal Defense or Infernal Certainty?

Over the years, I have face-to-face prayed with hundreds of associates to collect Christ. . . the Roman Road, Four Spiritual Laws, ABC's of salvation, Professions of Faith. Then, one day, I stopped. Today, I'm more apt to "take it away" from one who thinks they want to befall a Christian, to have them go home and consult their pillow, count the cost, and call me when they're ready. I've been asked, "What if they die on the way home? You ought to at least pray a sinner's prayer! After all, Romans 10:9-10 says to 'confess with your mouth'. . . . "

Frankly, God knows their hearts. They shouldn't have to utter a sound. Is the anyone with laryngitis, or a mute, forbidden to go to Heaven for the reason that they didn't pray a constant prayer? Manmade doctrines and traditions arrive at again. A different sacred cow bites the dust.

By way of example, I once asked a group to whom I'd been credo the Scriptures in the workplace, if each one there well thought-out themselves to be a Christian. All but one, a young Hispanic woman, claimed to be Christian. The next day, as I was under your own steam en route for the elevator, that same woman, on foot out of the elevator, grabbed my arm, wheeled me about and said, "Michael, I want to be saved!" Two years later, she's still under my discipleship via eMail and phone. Folks, when the fruit is ready for harvest, it as good as falls into our hands. No coaxing necessary.

Was the soil of her apparition all set by means of the studies? Yes, but she was inspired to Be there the studies by the Christian authority she'd experimental in the workplace. The subsequent Sunday night, I met her at work and she followed me in her car to a home conference where she was adoringly welcomedinto the fold by other Christians for discipleship. Especially from godly women. Incidentally, in days of this experience, she was in a terrible auto calamity which more or less cost her her life. She just about lost her arm which was appallingly mangled. She'd been adequately prepared, however. Satan was not happy. The last thing she remembered ahead of the accident? She was chatting to her passenger about God.

Why not hold a cause and tell the adequate what Jesus told His aptitude disciples? Assume consideration the next letter over the PA arrangement in a stadium:"Six times He warned that the world will hate you. Your breed and links will turn anti you. He didn't come to bring peace, but a sword that would allot families. You will be ill with persecution. You may die. Now, go home and think about benevolent up your life and all that is dear to you to adhere to this character called Jesus Christ. " I admiration how many would come back the next night of the crusade??

"And each who has left houses or brothers or sisters or priest or protect or kids or lands, for My name's sake, will collect a hundred-fold, and inherit eternal life. But many will that are first will be last, and the last first," (Matt 19:29-30).

Typically, we try to lure associates into combination this body we call "the Church" based upon promises of peace, joy, love, unity, and prosperity. Try to sell THAT garbage to a Sudanese member of the clergy whose had acid poured all over his hands, in front of his congregation, by Muslim soldiers.

Or the Pakistani village whose Christian members were physically mutilated by radical Muslims.

Or a Chinese evangelist who never sleeps more than a few nights in the same bed for fear of being bowed in, even by ancestors members and informers clever his own congregation, while Americans "buy" the Chinese propaganda that there's autonomy of belief there.

The communal approach of Western discipleship is in exercise new converts to sit, carry a Bible, take a few notes, say 'Amen,' get indoctrinated with non-biblical manmade doctrines, learn new rituals, the chain-of-command, and develop into "good" at this routine. . . even "professional. " Man, are we ever lost the boat!

No, nobody will adjustment a anyone like God's Word. These are not "bolt-on" tips for living. Nor are they warm, fuzzy spiritual "thoughts for the day. " The Words of Christ are foundational. . . the only thing on which our new lives can built. And maintained. Use them. Filter every other coaching you've ever heard. . . or are at this time hearing. . . By means of HIS WORDS, even those wisdom that come from in the pages of Scripture themselves!

"Therefore all and sundry who hears these Words of Mine and puts them into attempt is like a wise man who built his house upon a rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat anti the house; yet it did not fall, for the reason that it had its foundation on the rock," (Matthew 7:24-25)

Doesn't it make consistent sense that, in order to be a Christian (meaning, literally, an anointed one; a Beginner Jesus), one must abide by the wisdom of THE Christ? To those desiring to live this new way, as new creations, Jesus asked (perhaps He STILL does),

"Why do you call Me, "Lord, Lord," and do not do what I say?"

"If you carry on in My Word, then you are truly My disciples. . . ," (Jn 8:31,32; 15:7)

"He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life," (Jn 12:25).

Need idyllic therapy and prayer? Write or IM me at team1min@aol. com

Every blessing!

A servant of God
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Pastor Michael broadcasts an e-Mail idea of Discipleship and Encouragement to Christians diagonally the globe each week, feat millions from many a range of Chrsitian denominations. This e-Mail office has been impacting the lives of multitudes of colonize since 1999.


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