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Confessions of a limousine mystic! - religion


Observations from the Town Car. . . "Home James!"

The bulk of compelling I do is called "air porters," which are especially ferrying ancestors to and from the airport and point-to-point destinations. I have been told Limousine operators don't like to be called a "driver," but certainly are Chauffeurs and truly it would not be fair or even perfect to confine a Chauffeurs role to just driving. It is, to the truly bubbling character of the professional, an élan, and among ourselves, the group of luxury transportation, a cell phone esprit de corps.

I see it also as a keen examination of life's capsules, generously practiced as "trailers. " It is a rear view glance into the lives and commentaries of more generally, privileged circumstances and means.

Most of the colonize do not vibe of need and are often gregarious, warm and polite. Families are more or less constantly by a long way dramatic and revealing, you see the truth that economics tends to advance a another dynamics as parents and brood intermingle often amorously and approving of each other. Maybe these kids are beat behaved, with the frequency of "trips," their parents can allow to take them on and the quite comfortable, customarily affluent homes we take them to.

You don't get the sense anxieties have critically invaded their lives or consciousness. It is cheering to me even, to hint at life as they act to, in a reassuring way. It is all told assorted from the concrete lifestyle of a constantly on call, bumpy being of a Chauffeur.

Chauffeurs reside in an if not dimensionally distorted way of being. Hours, even days pass continually, doubtful whether it is a Sunday or a Monday but by way of what is on your agree to or "run. "

It is actually quite amazing how much efficiency and precision goes into the Limousine business. Unconscious to the uniniated, it cranks out productivity and ease for its clients. After the scenes, exudes a convolution of humanity and cooperation,. . . . . Dispatchers, the operations side, eager salespeople and shop personnel, snuggled and flawed yet manifestly capable. Chauffeurs may drive this boat, but they are not the only inhabitants on that Island, alien Island that it is.

That is in all probability an just about unrewarding proof to the exclusive and distinctive skill set of the citizens that make up the limousine affair and not just the drivers. . . excuse me, Chauffeurs. . . and then of course of action the clients are an added storyline, but more on that later.

Glimpsing at it from the classified the whole action evokes the brand of a approvingly organized, more or less militarily disciplined, civilian action.

Sometimes though, the occurrences are fairly odd and external of what most ancestors be subjected to in the daily classes of "going to work. "

I talked to this one guy who told me he had slept in one of the vehicles, instead than going home. Every so often the burden of the affair put citizens any on call or in route and benefit for 17, 18 even 20 plus hours at a time. The idea of securing some rest in a limousine is a off the wall premise in itself. In its simple, desperate, last exact form. . . it is instead a archaic option.

I categorical to try it for my part one night and I can see how one can fall in among the place of too tired to drive home and ahead of cursorily forthcoming new assignments.

It was in a word, "rugged. " I had some Hispanic brother pound on the chance of a stretch hummer at 5:15am to "wake me up," if you can call it that. It felt like for 5, 10 follow-up or so I wasn't certainly on the ground. I was walking, but it felt like I was in a grown-up body captivating baby steps or a colt difficult to get my legs under me. My superior muscle groups in my legs and torso hadn't actually bought into any bodily functioning. There was consciousness, or some form of it, as I awoke deposited into an early dawn brook of activity. The overhead light were a deputy business Sun, if you will, and it truly felt like I was under your own steam on the moon, imbalanced and gravity challenged.

Oddly I had accomplished my goal, although it took me more than a few more hours of sleeping back in my bed to fix up myself. Prolonged use, not certainly recommended. Side possessions may be experienced.

Another conception to be well thought-out is how one maintains a sense of advanced perspective in forms of awareness. I'm not conversation in an evangelistic sense, but how to come away intact with at all disciplines and momentums that keep a being in balance. It may be cleanly a assured psychological perspective. The lot has skewed rather off axis, if by nonentity else the eccentric of hours. Then, there is of course, the proximity of the sophisticated feelings for those that bear in mind that.

I call for my part the "limousine mystic" for the reason that it is a challenge to keep an "inner" perspective in an environment, which other than transporting ancestors to the airport tends to fall on the party side of life.

Truthfully, most of ancestors seen all through the cornea of a Chauffeurs view have to be accepted wisdom of, in an lonely background and consideration. Though, because of experience, there is an often, " I've got my head in, this far. . . . up to the shoulders," departure into the looking glass of life. Self-revealing characteristics of the big business that it is.

Through the devoted witnessing of leisure and indulgence, how does a brother keep the mystic Birdseye's view? There might be an insight found in Buddhism or if you favor it, even by way of a psychological departure of belongings unfolding.

People who may be aware of the wisdom of Buddhism may also consider that the Buddha qualified the average way. He wasn't exceedingly advocating compulsive of the senses; in fact he described anguish as a consequence of excessive ask and a little that the human circumstance would have to learn to douse to complete any true freedom and joy. But Buddha also came to discard the austerities of radicalism and wanted to be concerned about the facts of life.

Without waxing overly doctrinal or pandering to random-ness, Buddha's case of the average way also points to a Chauffeurs dharma of advantage and way shower.

One of the clients after audible range some of the responsibilities and sacrifices of the Limousine Lifestyle asked, "Why would you do it?" Days later it came to me, "somebody has to be the butler. " referring to the class of life that affords one at times blinking gifts of grace and humility.

It is again, reconsidered in the good of the mystic, more notably not what one does, but does it allow one, the de rigueur tools and conditions to develop one's understandings and find one's purpose? Does one detect the weaknesses in one's charm that might get in the way better progress? These all be converted into questions that are even something, that is self-interesting to people. Much can be seen and experimental from the inconspicuous side of life. The benign digit 2 Son.

It can also bind and rally the endurance and drive to achieve, by being in the proximity of the academic and accomplished.

Accepting in wisdom from the tutorial side of life endears one's rushing and advancement, if one can allow it. It can also advance acrimony and envy if one takes the low road. It's all in consequence of the role we are in concert or fulfilling.

So much is distorted by the clean ingredient of awareness. Nil has to be permanent, but if your stressed, maxed out, low paid, seemingly and not able to see an upside, there are some booby traps to watch out for. You add the fundamentals of critical or derogatory relationships that come a-courting and you can feel like life is bum-rushing you.

Nobody certainly falls exterior of the laws of knowledge how to master our circumstances.

The high money players don't at all times avoid scenarios where they get minimized or snubbed by a bit that occurs, not the so called mentally breathless up, either.

The head, the mental part is a place of real management. Of choice the feelings we have gives us away. Most of the good whippings I've got lately have exposed some area of small mindedness, pettiness, non-surrender or self-importance and they have all essential I give amazing up, as a rule an ego or pride arrange or endure some domestic torture. Yikes!

It would be cute appealing to see an Avatar or World coach be re-incarnated as a limousine Chauffeur, in particular in the West. It would conceive a very appealing scenario for a great soul and enlightened mind to witness and take in experiences and proclivities of human dynamics.

Maybe that is backwards actually, but we in the commercially centered West tend to essence our own prescriptions for life attempting to alter the divine towards our way of being, considerably than the other, if that is actually plausible.

Maybe the Divine Being would come as a shrink to Man's Soul, an advisor even. One would have to be, in the role of Chauffeur, or more in actual fact such a aficionada to mankind could disguise himself in such a role. It could be a kind of Sun-Tzu, Art of War thing, raising the game in the West, to a level of superior awareness, not including all the high-hatting and lauding.

Could you see it?. . . the Mahatmas trolling the dance clubs gift compassion and chastisement, "raise it up brother!" or the come back of J. C's apostles as the gang of twelve running the 3pm-3am shift at the Airport, with name sign in hand.

Could you conceive of the dialogue that could come up on the way home? Would you feel the same about lowballing an incarnated one if you knew it?

It just goes to show the ride (life) is what you make it, what you tend to cultivate in it, in the long run out pictures. You can just ride, be your own Captain, live under the radar or try and authority things, be a player, no be important how on the surface small we think our part is. I once heard a statement, "the clarity of sin, is breathing below your potential. "

Sometimes when we go to the Airports to pick-up colonize we see all these other Chauffeurs from other companies. There is this uneasy, assumed vibe amid us. I don't know if it's competitive or what or there is a touch sub-conscious about how much a like we all look in these black uniforms, black ties. I can't just live in that box, in some way this job, this assignment has to be more transcending, more purposeful, and more magical, and it has to be infused with a superior sense of dharma (duty) about it.

Question: How do you make a Take happy?

Answer: You High Gross* him or her (give a good tip),

*A term rented from the car affair which indicated the profits from a sale are commonly towards the greatest extent level the car affords.

Question: How can you tell a Give somebody a ride got a good tip?

Answer: When they are under your own steam about with a few fluffiness in their step and an air of joy in their Aura. At an added job, we called it "high stepping" or "walking tall" In fact you could even call such a anyone "Joaquin" or "walk-keen," get it? We knew this one guy, who didn't get a lot of big sales who certainly epitomized this persona. Infect, it was so obvious, his lift, the bounce in his step was so high, he almost bill boarded it, "I've got a big one!". . . Others in the crowd actually noticed and yelled, Under your own steam TALL!! As he went by

He was really, Voguing it, (another term) even prancing

These types wouldn't make good poker players; they may be unusually nice, jovial or polite after being paid a big tip. The real sleepers are the one's that you would almost not know, they don't say whatever thing about it or act all in all differently. There is this a different analogy in Pro football about "hot-dogging" after scoring, that puts a different slant on celebrations, that decries, "Act like you've been there before"

Be on the be watchful for "Walking Tall," violations at your work, environs or any part of life. It could come for the reason that a celebrity got a nice date, a raise or something deemed favorable. It is both fun and funny. It is all the time a "Tip" or a "tell," that is a giveaway. The Zen brainteaser in it all is that one does not get too high or in love with with life's Zeniths or too down with those Valley's

See you soon back in the Boxcar (limo) for more "Confessions of "A Limousine Mystic. "

Please feel free to associate me, at sirronald@earthlink. net if you have any questions or comments. If you would like to see the movies and illustrations that go with this article, click the subsequent http://www. missionsaintgermain. com/id33. html

Ron Henry writes a range of personal, down to earth articles focusing on a more intuitive every so often Spiritual, Mystic purposes and discovery. Confidently these articles stand alone as inspiration and even sometimes, desire and wit to a meditative side of Life. Most of these and others have been posted in the map-reading bar of http://www. missionsaintgermain. com that explores Ron's do research and experiences with Saint Germain, Ron has perceived since childhood.


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