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We shamans are a alien breed. . . . . often we tend to cut off ourselves from those about us. However, this does not mean we don't have relationships. . . . . . . . . . in fact we often have too many to alias at any one time. You see, we are between to many levels of authenticity and inter-relating with all of them at the very same time. So while we are in a group of people. . . . we are also conversation to the apparition world and often the beast guides all at once. It's a challenging balancing act. . to say the least. Often we must choose which is the most critical announcement at that point in time. At times the bodily attitude guides are benevolent us very dangerous data, so we decide to stay listening carefully on that for the moment.

Each brute comes to us with it's distinctive attitude focus and commonly shows up when we need their perspective. They may act in character form, in a dream, apparition . . . or in the flesh!

While surfing the internet I found a site with caring in order about many brute forms. You can get to this site by clicking on this link. http://www. geocities. com/~animalspirits/

Jerry is a expert shaman. He publishes an online magazine and newsletter industry with shamanism and holism as they apply to life and business. You can reach the magazine at this address: http://www. jeremiahhuck. workzsites. com


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