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The Aim of Life, Told by an Agnostic

Talked to an attention-grabbing character today at a brown shop, after about 10 notes or so told me he was an atheist. Which is exciting and lends it self as to why we were having this exact chat about "THE Consequence OF LIFE".

Are You Next Your Knows Or Your I Dont Knows?

We have all heard the phrase, "follow your nose". This means to keep your administration as the crow flies and you will find the way you are going.

Angel to Angel

Years ago, my minister spoke to us about how you could beg the help of your protector angels to help with conflict resolution. She told us stories about how she and others had effectively asked their keeper angels to speak to the enemy's custodian angel.

Your Buried Doorway to Peace

Want more peace and joy in your life? Daily stress being paid to you? With terrorism, layoffs and pollution, can you feel safe and happy? Yes, you can-by beating into a a small amount known, and less-used, door to inner security. This entry is not exceedingly concealed as much as misplaced.

Meditations From a Spiritual Journey

For me, the best poetry stirs my soul; it awakens my attitude all through its clarity and simplicity. Its aim is clean, pointing me towards bigger accepting of who I am in this world, or, even better, towards comprehension of the divine that indwells both this world and me.

Daily Rituals as a Entrance way to the Higher

If you have a craving to attach with a touch higher, whether it be your advanced self or privileged powers and beings, one of the simplest ways to associate is by creating a daily ritual for yourself. Whether you meditate, do yoga, read inspiring books, or just take a walk, doing a daily ritual creates a entrance way all the way through which the senior can enter your life.

Is Your Soul Breathing?

God made humans in his image but these days very few of them lead a God fearing life. Location is the main cause of changes in a human being.

The Actuality of Fairies

No, I have never seen a fairy, an angel, nor any other type of a atmosphere guide. But I swear there are times I think that if I spun about fast an adequate amount they'd be session there snickering at me.

Oceans of People


Romantic Relationships: A Spiritual Perspective

Meeting a big name so attractive, so beautiful. Your heart beats like the rhythm at the races and your knees befit Jell-O.

Abundance As Spiritual Birthright

I am going to jog your memory of some simple, yet critical things, that you be supposed to previously know, but perchance need a reminding of just now. I know that I need reminding from time to time and assume that you may also need the same 'straight to the point' reminders.

Choosing Our Parents

There's a Native American belief that ahead of we are born, we decide our parents. It in reality ties in attractive nicely with the recreation idea that we prearrange a variety of state of affairs beforehand each life so as to learn another lessons.


What is it with angels and digital clocks? I fell dead to the world just after 11pm and am still difficult to claim from the change to daylight savings time. I certainly don't need to be up and running right now, or do I? I had asked my angels ahead today to help me write some more articles.

New Age Spirituality

New Age Holiness is all about being paid back your power. Not that you ever lost it.

Masculine Energy versus Female Energy

I have been conception a lot lately about the concepts of mannish and female energy. It all sort of goes along with the yin and yang definitions of mannish and feminine.

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