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Beware of the Lobby Lizards

Our cathedral is bug-ridden with lobby lizards. They crawl about the lobby of the minster while other behavior are going on as if they previously have mastered the topic the member of the clergy is discussing.

Universal Attention System

What we think is what we are. Our lives are indomitable by our thoughts.

Spring Cleanup

The junk I'm conversation about is the stuff that we keep stored up inside ourselves. It's the dissipation baggage in our lives that tends to weigh us down and serves no purpose.

The Austere Plan of Asking and Receiving

The Question Really conjure up this in your mind..

'Im Not A Christian, But I Play One On Sunday

After more than three decades of place of worship ministry, I have come to one disturbing conclusion. Actually, I've come to more than one conclusion, but this one is the most depressing.

Importance and Must of Elite Revelation - Part One

This critique is a reply that deals with a few criticisms as regards views spoken in my commentary upper-class Pagan Philosophy, Unbelief, and Irrationalism.1 This condition for a moment exposed the liquidation of grasping and empirical attitude in actual and the worldview of non-belief in general.

The Magnitude and Basic of Exceptional Revelation - Part Two

Part Two ContinuedIn add-on to copious philosophical evils linking to interpretation, it be supposed to be clear that be important has nonentity to say surrounded by the framework of non-believing philosophy. What could it say? Contained by this framework, be important is at the end of the day an catastrophe and as a result meaningless.

A Declaration of an Ex-Mormon

Mormons like to give testimonies. Dissimilar Mormon testimonies, I will seek to show that the declaration of my conversion to Christianity is based upon the credo of Scripture.

Healing For Your Soul

Can God actually heal your pain? Does every trial come to make you stronger? Is it change for the better to 'go through' willingly, or put off industry with your pain as long as possible? Read on to determine the secrets that will help you heal your soul.Can God especially heal your pain? Yes He can (He can do all things!) - but He can only do so with your permission.

Amazing Faith

Last week, I sat at my mainframe and watched the MSN video clip that recapped Ashley Smith's meet with Brian Nichols. As I watched in awe, I was amazed by her amazing faith in God.

Integrity and Spirituality

The belief of integrity has arisen often in negotiations of spirituality. What do we mean conversely when we invoke this belief in this context? What is the role of integrity in spirituality? How will we know it when we come across it? More prominently what will be the concern to us if we decide on to hang about ignorant of its crucial import as a foundation stone to our spiritual enlightenment? Here I aim to concentrate on these questions and to give a fresh perspective on how to complete what I will delimit as Spiritual Integrity.

Crystal-Healing the Chakras: A Applied Guide

Who among us actually understands the chakras? For all that we know about these seven spinal energy points, much is still undiscovered. According to antiquated texts, the chakras arrive on the scene as rotating wheels of light.

How do You Know If You Have Spiritual Ability?

I am sure many of you analysis this commentary have pondered on this subject. Are some colonize easily born with a exceptional gift or is this an acquired skill all of us can learn.


God !"My son will be brought up in a place where he will not even hear about the word "God" !This man was absolutely anti the hypothesis of God. He was very curb in his belief that there is no God and all citizens who accept as true that God exists are fools.

Immaterial Gain

Among some of us who deem ourselves spiritual, the use of the word "spiritual" causes coy and anxiety. What a pale word it is in the face of what earned religion in point of fact provides.

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