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Where Are You, God?

Do you ever have one of those days when you admiration if God is certainly there? Does he actually exist? If he does, then why can't you see Him or even sense His presence? Why do you feel so desolate, so alone? I was in that place a few days ago.I stood at my chance facing south on a cold winter's day.

Sheltered in the Arms of God

"Mama, save me!"My six year old son jumped into my arms as a horrendous crash of boom and a bolt lightening sent a fireball rolling crosswise the argument about where we were. He was terrified, and truth to tell, so was I.

A Short Journey to Your Divine Self

By invoking an outdoor God to whom we look for help we often lose sight of the fact that we have contained by us the very power that we seek in such an outside force. Now of avenue I don't just anticipate you to consider this in the way that religions of the world anticipate you to consider the converse.

Angelic Art - Another & Spiritual Curing Therapy

As more and more different and spiritual healings are being intentional and accepted they are finding that all forms of upliftment heals the body, mind and spirit. Good art falls inside this category by heartening the spirit.

The Divine Holographic Energy Field

What is the true character of any illness? Examination in Energy Medicine is presentation more and more that it is the consequence of a disruption in the Human Bio-field. This is the energy and in a row field that informs and orchestrates the functioning of one's Being at every level i.

Where Do You Cast?

"Cast all your disquiet on Him for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7.

Prophetic Ministry: How to See in the Attitude and Begin Visionary Words

A Nathan type prophet sees with his eyes. A Samuel type prophet sees with all 5 senses.


Being"You have taken physically to be a little that you are not". - Sri Nisargadatta MaharajEach is loved unconditionally, unequivocally, eternally.

The Magic of Tarot Card Reading

The magic of the tarot was noticeable to me the first time that a big name deep-rooted that my tarot card conception was accurate. Of course, the first time that I did a tarot conception for a big shot else I actually had no aim to have faith in that the conception I was about to give could be so revealing.

Angel Correlation - How the Innocent Realm is Interacting with Humanity at this Historic Time

Angels, those divine beings of love and light, are here at this time in superior figures than ever, to assist mankind in their evolution.As we face a time of great challenge and confusion in our world, as death, destruction, hate and war, we need to appreciate that we are experiencing a very chief era in history.

Thinking Out Loud (Questions) Part one of a two part Series

(Channeled)Roy-when does the end of brute life come? Is it when the body as a final point breaks down, or when the soul decides to abandon it? What happens to the ego that has lived a life of non-fulfilment? When is it over for this soul? Does the atmosphere of non-fulfilment come from not being aware or not being in touch with the soul's purpose? If no life is wasted, why is it that some lives seem that way?If I can list the assured clothes in my life and still feel unfulfilled, have I emaciated my life? Is it since those categorical clothes where not in harmony with what the soul beloved to experience? Is it doable to come to this world and not come into contact with what a soul intended? Are these life forms dysfunctional? How can we live fifty to ninety years and do many breathtaking equipment and not feel anything? Ought to an observer feel a bit even if his/her end was to austerely watch?Why is it that ancestors have accomplished many great equipment using their actual talents and gifts, to be left empty when it is finished? Is it as the lives of these citizens are listening carefully in the now, in doing the creating? Once their life's projects are completed, have they lost their purpose? Have they found where life is? in the jiffy of creation? Is their fulfilment knowledgeable only in the act of creation? Is this why some life's projects never get finished, since the focus is never on the finishing? When advantage is lost these citizens move onto a new creation, at all times in the process, but never concluding it. Does an unfinished life's cast offer forthcoming involvement, a different occasion for them? Can satisfaction be found in an unfinished life's project?Is joy or fulfilment found in opening life's projects that others can finish? Is it the drive of these souls to construct gesticulate so that others can be motivated to finish? To start life and then conform to how it proceeds? Does the discontent come from no one final what he/she started? Do all of life's projects have to be buffed or has the author taken the life's endeavor as far as it will go for the reason that of limitations a soul may have? Are the points at which life's projects are stopped, cryptogram or points along the way that say, I can't go any further, or are they saying, it's an added turn here? Would this personality have a actuality of diversified life's projects and interests?Is the whole application a way of looking for one's truth, for one's purpose, and when it is not found in the life's assignment is it abandoned? Is this personality doomed to a era of looking? Are seekers ever satisfied, ever fulfilled? Is it since the soul forgets its aim or since it got off at the wrong place or lifetime? Is it since it has altered its determination and wants to come again to the oneness, or is it basically lost? Are these souls here annoying to make the best of a accidental situation?Roy E.

Thinking Out Loud (Answers) Part two of a two part series

(Channeled) Spirituality is about everyday life, which includes in receipt of up in the morning, in receipt of ready for the day be it work, discipline or play. It is about deliberate physically and the bond to your environment.

Dowsing - Using Divining Rods To Acquire Answers To Your Questions

Divining Rods, also known as Dowsing Rods, have been used since antediluvian times by water witchers, shamans, and wise-ones. Even though the in order obtained while using these tools seems to come from an blurry and esoteric source, in realism they easily amount energy patterns that occur naturally.

Esoteric & Occult Secrets

To appreciate the description of esoteric and occult secrets it is advisable looking at derivation of the words esoteric and occult. Esoteric derives from the Greek word esoterikos, from the root word eso, 'within' .

Kundalini Symbology

While study and pursuit of the Kundalini is well thought-out part of the 'New Age' repertoire, it's exciting to note that like most clothes New Age, it's roots are very antiquated and essentially permeate approximately every part of human culture.Everyday we see cryptogram of the Kundalini all about us, but as few associates are aware of the Kundalini and it's impact, approximately no one realizes what they are seeing.

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