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A Merry Heart is Like a Medicine

When the body of Christ isn't secluded we befall vulnerable and sick in the same way. Every anyone in the body of Christ represents an critical part of that body.

Resolutions or Revelations?

There's nonentity wrong with defective to build up ourselves either on the surface or inwardly. What's chief is to check the motives at the back the improvements.

Angels on Assignment

Recently it has come to my concentration ancestors are noticing Angels popping up in the strangest places. Numerous years ago you would only hear about Angels at Christmas time 'Peace on Earth' that kind of thing.

Spiritual Inspiration Music and The New Age

Spiritual Inspiration Music is about Love, Growth, Spiritual and Delicate Advancement and our association to the Divine. It's about cavity up, being your Self, expressing that Self by allowing the Great Architect to move by means of you.

What is True Freedom?


Looking for God - Heres My Story On Judgment the Lord

Hopefully you're comprehension this critique as you're intrigued by the page title: "Looking for God?" This condition is committed to the Big Guy who makes it achievable for all of us to be who we are. God loves each one of us, big, small, short, tall, everywhere we are.

Catch A New Lover With DIY Magic!

One night, at the same time as examination TV, I tacit a very constructive magical code which is amply concrete and immensely efficient. Everybody can do it - if they certainly want to, that is! - and though it involves interior decoration, it is easy to do, once you get your head about the basic principles.

Natural Talent

Before Donna was born she took with her a dollar, Peter took with him a pen and Harry brought along a hammer. These were the only important effects that these citizens brought with them into their brute lives from birth.

The Mystery of Purpose

Some men see belongings as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of belongings that never were and say, "Why not?" -George Bernard ShawThat was the minute that misrepresented his life! Michael would never be the same again. That Sunday break of day in church, Michael had a revelation.

Life Gets Teejus, Don't It?

Those five words are from a song that I bring to mind audible range a long time ago. It may even be the song's title.

Love and Light

Seems that all who writes to me signs their calligraphy "love and light." It has such a brainy educational sound to it.

Motivated By All The Wrong Reasons

Sometimes annoying to be spiritual holds us back from in point of fact existing the spiritual life we want. In our quest to live such spiritual and good lives, we often avoid the stuff that makes us seem unspiritual, even if that very stuff can move us about our own spiritual growth.

Pursuing Your Destiny

During my childhood days, I disliked Lenten flavor as radio and TV stations were off the air (no cable yet for the duration of the 70's) and food is narrow to veggies and fish. Likewise, I was trained that holy week (1) is a time to be sad (at least in Manila), the elders then are singing the passion in a sad tune.

Why Jesus?

There are many contradictions in life and none more by a long shot seen than when complementary how God teaches us to live by His Word, the Bible, and how we are educated in the world, the instruct of hard knocks.For case in point the classic for me was to 'look after amount one', as no one else was going to look after me.

Whatd We Miss?

Did we just overlook the quantity of love that God has for us?His word, shown in the printed form we call the Bible, tells us equipment that He did to show us that He loves us. Did we appreciate it or did we overlook it and walk away?In Hebrews 11:1 we are told that our faith is the substance of effects hoped for, the demonstrate of things not seen.

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