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The Miracle of Lexie Chihuahua

I would like to tell you the story of a very distinctive a small amount Chihuahua girl. Her name is Lexie (short for Alexa) and I call her my "grand-puppy.

Gods Love is Not Humanitys Love

(Channelled)Good cock-crow Roy, good dawn Joseth.What has love got to do with it? This is a line from one of your earth's songs.

Is There More To This Life?

I often ask in my opinion this question. Not in the times of richness or when the whole lot is going great.

Satan... Im Not Impressed!

One central dynamic in how we go all the way through life is our attitudes. The way we think, whether positively or harmfully will have a very big concern upon what happens to us for the duration of this choice of a lifetime.

Tsunami Animals Hint At Our True Nature

We as human beings be concerned about ourselves the most able species on the earth and attribute this to the evolutionary education of the human brain. Given the cutting edge state of our expertise we would devoid of a doubt concede this as the truth.

Making the Difficult Possible

"I erudite I was not, as most Africans believed, the victim of my position but the master of them." - Legson KayiraOne of the clothes my Christian faith has qualified me is that with God nil is impossible.

Christening and Initiation Favor Ideas

Baptism and first use ceremonies are an central event that signifies the start of a child's spiritual life. As a communal courtesy to guests who be present at these ceremonies, the parents of the child or the host of the event often achieve party favoritism as a gift.


"Be kind and benevolent to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32, NIVI know, I constantly use beast photos in my visual aids and use them as examples in my writings but they are my gift and my passion! Besides, they can all the time show us how amnesty works, can't they? You can be angry with them and they'll still shower you with love.

Are You Edifice Your Own Cistern?

You're looking at one star in the center of a dark sky..

Did You Use Your Sword Today?

It's real easy to look at the corporal world about us and not see swords being used. To even find one it is often de rigueur to go to a museum.

Vacation Pilgrimage

I heard in recent times on a Christian radio class a big cheese conversation about revolving a holiday into a pilgrimage or a sabbath time, an occasion to get more rapidly to God. The amplifier said that there is no word in antiquated languages alike to the word "vacation".

When Giant Comes

One does not have to live long to achieve that along the pilgrim's path are many battles to be fought and enemies to be overcome and we ought to not be amazed when new trials come our way. It does not affair how champion we may have been in one battle, we cannot get too comfortable since there will be other combats with other giants.

Whats Lost from Your Dietary Plan?

IS FAITH - NOT VITAMIN C WHAT'S Absent FROM YOUR Dietary PLAN?Being a nutritionist in classified apply for 12 years, I'm not symptomatic of to neglect the thirteen vitamins and seventeen mineral deposits basic to the human body. I have made a career guidance over ten thousand patients the techniques of apposite food to control their credence and health.

Mind Walls

Walls as a block seem to be an central part of our society. Approximately from the establishment of man's pilgrimage here on earth, there have been walls which have bound and imprisoned mankind.

Fear Base Society

In today's world we worry about everything, food, jobs, clothing, shelter, children, husbands, etc. But what does the Bible say about fear and what shall I fear.

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