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Holiness in order - religious studies

Building The Body of Christ

As a walked crosswise the gym floor with perspiration advent from my brow, my wife, Denise said "honey, you're a bodybuilder". I looked at her with bewilderment was my wife just being paid it.

Transformation in Awkward Situations: Divine Font by means of Barbara Rose

It is no doubt that so many of you are going by means of deep challenges on many levels of your life. Some of you feel pain and confusion.

Wings of a Dove

Perhaps one of the most astonishing assertions that can be made about Holy Scriptures is that it openly shows man in all his humanness. If you certainly want to appreciate yourself, if you certainly appeal to know who you are, then it would behoove you to study the sacred Writ and let God speak to your soul.

Get Off The Freeway

Have you ever noticed how much our lives resemble a freeway? Once we are on it, we are in continuous motion. We must linger alert at all times.

Coming Home

I find for my part hanging on a cloud as blessed music plays.Floating on air that wires me with its love.

Angel Mail for Humanity ?- Letter 1

In the appeal of mankind the Angels are delivering letters full of hope, love and joy for a change for the better today and a better tomorrow. I have contracted to be this channel.

A Man Called Jesus

(Channelled)I have been annoying to discount this title "A Man Called Jesus," all morning.I cannot get it out of my head and I don't acutely want to write about it, but I cannot shake it off.

Its Ok To Be Human

One of the clothes I have had to deal with since I was old an adequate amount of to know the discrepancy connecting good and bad was that it IS NOT OK to be human.I was raised in a cohort of going to place of worship on Sundays.

Finding Freedom!

"You have not handed me over to the enemy but have set my feet in a drudgery place. " Psalm 31:8, NIVDuring this weekend we're reminded of all of those who've gone ahead of to fight for our land so that we can linger America the Free.

I Think Ill Just Go Fishin

I said a little last week I haven't said in years. Where it came from, I exceedingly don't know.

Spiritual Clarity

Who is the more spiritual person? The woman out on a Sunday break of day deviation for chocolate and a newspaper who swerves to avoid bass beat a dog, or is it, the man who hits the dog in his haste to get to place of worship on time? Who knows? My point is that going to cathedral has categorically nil to do with being a good person.Questions about creed have continually bothered me.

Beneficiaries of the Promise

We are the beneficiaries of the assure God made to Abraham that all nations would be blessed all through him. He is the only Old Evidence Creature Scripture says was introduced to the gospel in build up (GAL 3:8).

The Power of Angels -- An Interview With Rose Ann Schwab, Part Two

Rose Ann Schwab is an worldwide and world celebrated certified intuitive intuitive medium. Her gifts are delicately tuned and have high credibility with 95% accuracy.

Abandon Religion

Why Abandon Religion?It is so regularly held today that religious conviction is a font of goodness and aid organization for so many people. It is also alleged that to be against creed is also to be in opposition to the goodness and aid set to be with it.

Undercover Investigation

It is chief and compulsory that we evenly spend time in decisive self-examination. We need to take the time to analyze our rationales, our pretenses, our masquerades, our motives, our justifications, and our reasoning.

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