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The Great Battleground

Being a Christian does not exempt us from having to fight daily with the badly behaved of sin in our lives. We know that being saved does not mean we are perfect.

When Bad Clothes Crop up to Good People

Why do bad equipment come to pass to good people? Certainly this is a difficulty all of us ask from time to time. Some of Jesus' viewers asked Him the same question.

Celtic Mythology: 7 Ways to a Amazing Life

In Corrogue, Celtic mythology helps me live a breathtaking life.As a storyteller, author and Anam Cara (soul friend) I am blessed with the gift of attractive the road less travelled.

The Power of Myth to Transform Your Life

Irish myth has the power to transform your life into a real life of ingenuity and love. There are many athletic cipher that you might clinch in order to construct a real sense of belonging in the world.

The Power of Love

"There must be a elevated love/Without it life is atrophied time." Those are the cavity words to one of my desired Steve Winwood songs.

The Divine Self

Many look external of themselves for an encounter of the Divine. Many turn to religions.

True Acceptability and Freedom

The world's idea of acceptability and candor fall short of their purpose. Prison bars keep the guilty from repeating their crime while at the back them.

Do Not Accept as true In God

God poetry is one of my darling genres, even though I have to confess to being an atheist. Why does an atheist write about God? As the idea of God is an critical one.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

That we must live with imperfections is a fact of life that cannot be denied. We must come to terms with the silent and permanent truth that the field of human life will all the time consist of the good, the bad and the ugly simultaneous together.

Show Of Hands

The human body is assuredly a miracle of God's creation. Each associate has its exceptional affair with none quite as dynamic as the hands.

Dark Cages

Acknowledgement of our need of God and dependence upon Him will not constantly rid us of life's pressures, will not all the time cut off from us the arduous situations, the dark cage inside which we from time to time find ourselves trapped. We shall not all the time break the pressures of life and the dark situations which they bring.

Payday Someday

Let us face certainty evenly in the face by acknowledging the tragic fact that it does not be important how "good" you may be, folks can continually conceive a way to annihilate you. If ancestors want to tear down your good name, they will find a way to by some means accomplish it.

Christian Pious Dependence in Hawaii?

Surveys show that creed and religion play a crucial role in the lives of most of the people in human experience. Gallup (1989) found that 53% of the U.

The Lord is My Shepherd

An acrostic prayer poem.The Lord loves me and is affable unto me.

Stress & Spirituality, Part 1

Stress & Religious studies - How Holiness Affects Stress LevelsTake a jiffy to close your eyes and think about what a 'spiritual' character looks like. Whether you see them as meeting lotus-style in saffron robes or dialogue definitely from a pulpit, I'd bet one thing you won't see them as is 'stressed'.

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