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Addiction and Confession

ADDICTION: - There are copious obsessions and addictions which avoid the soul from medicinal or achieving its potential. Member of the clergy Leo Booth and John Bradshaw have on paper a book on creed as an dependence that I have quoted in many other books so I will award a further side to the issue here.

Communion - The Key to Experiencing the Profuse Life of God

Now, we all know that we shouldn't be lead by our emotions, right?But in maxim that lies a paradox, even even if we are not mean't to be lead by our emotions, in the end, we constantly will be.The argue is that at whatever time there is a struggle among will power and emotion, our emotions will win hands down every lone time.

40 Days and 40 Nights

I am establishment a journey opening tomorrow. I have categorical that doing some critical soul probing is in order for me.

Releasing the Yoke

When the Bible makes allusion to a "yoke" it is referring to a heavy piece of wood shaped to fit about the neck and affix to a pole. It was primarily used to tie oxen all together (usually two); the older ox had its yoke and the younger had its yoke.

Going Where God Leads You

I know God will not give me whatever thing I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.

Picture This (Part One)

Picture this state of life in your mind by final your eyes after you have read the lines below.You are entirely conscious and aware that you exist.

Abiding in the Word

How many Christian citizens do you know who are attitude no fruit? Jesus said, "Abide in me, and I in you. As the arm cannot bear fruit of itself, but it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

The Power of Myth - The Celtic Way

"Look at every path close up and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary.

If I Were Satan: Medicine and Faith From Hell

If you were Satan and your goal is to annihilate as many lives as you could, what are the two institutions you could argue with that would abolish more lives than wars and accepted disasters combined?Phase One: MedicineIf I were Satan, I would capture the medicinal commerce and make it mine. For what other of man's institutions could potentially inflict more harm?I would get into health check colleges and teach students to treat disease symptoms, considerably then teach them how to heal the sick.

New Hope For Comprehensive Peace

In a contemporary commentary allowed "Some Confirmation of How We Are Piously Connected" I reported on a case study where I was able to give some corroborate as to how persons who have overlapping life histories share such histories as in rank stored in what I term "interpersonal", "shared" or "collective" accepted wisdom fields. These fields hold all the overlapping memories, experiences and beliefs that the persons who are associated to those fields hold in their consciousnesses.

A Citizens in Exile (Part 1)

Second Isaiah, so called for the reason that his book of foresight was affixed to Isaiah's, had the capability to account for procedures in the light of the elemental conviction that God was the supreme chief of all activities of history. He spent most of his life proclaiming to his people, their freedom and restoration.

A Citizens in Exile (Part 2)

Mother Character has this creepy bent to turn upon herself - undoing with her left hand what she has made with her right. She sends hailstorms to the destruction of her own blossoms.

The Backyard of Agony (Part 1)

Eden, the backyard of bliss is no longer obtainable to us. We left it in sin and shame and it cannot be regained.

Dear Lord

As I sit here and contemplate my life my heart is fraught by much. See I seek you but feel so disgraceful of you, dishonorable to be looked on by you.

Spirituality: Breathing the Whole

The words 'new age' and 'spirituality' can have colonize consecutively for the hills, or perchance it would be more apposite to say administration to their urban haven of background distractions. They invoke up similes of tie-dye, tofu, and a lack of deodorant.

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