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The Patch of Agony (Part 2)

David implicit the aguish only those who have select to cross the brook Kedron and practiced the Backyard of Agony can ever fully know or comprehend. David was a great warrior.

A Celebration of Life

As human beings it is inherent to want to self-actualize and build lives of deep profound meaning. This is what each of us came here to do.

Resisting Temptation - The JESUS Way

One thing that Jesus was NOT - was flashy. When He cured someone, it was with a touch.


Some may ask why in a calamity some citizens are save and others are not? Well Jesus said to his sheep that no harm will come to them. He also said that he is our provider.

A Fine Line amid Heaven, Hell and Astrology - Beatific Authority of the Zodiac

Have you ever wondered which Angel governs your sign? And did you know that all Angels are not exlusively deriven from Heaven? With regards to your personality, each of these entities play a role in your individuality.{Rf.

Near Death Experiences: Is there a Commonsense Explanation?

In an journal of Reader's Digest, I stumbled upon a compelling article, "After Life," by Anita Bartholomew. The condition takes an convoluted look into the controversial world of "after life" or "near death experiences.

5 Shortcuts to a Life of Charity

Charity isn't the easiest benefit to master. And with St.

Integrating Soul And Science

"Spirit is away from the void of space. This realm, clear of the void, is not an empty nothingness; it is the womb of creation.

Midnight Songs

In life, more rapidly or later, we come to the midnight hour. The hour comes when all is black, when host shapes seem to haunt our paths, when the very blackness appalls and our hearts cry out in utter despair.

True Will

Some may ask what is the true will of God and how do I acquire it? Well let's see what the Bible says. Look at Psalms 40:6 it says Sacrifice and present you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced; burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.

Go Forward!

There is no confrontation in the life of Moses which I bear in mind more epochal than this one; the come upon with the Red Sea. Here was a man who was faced with a great dilemma.

How To Fall With Style - The Art Of Sin

Adam had it right when he roofed himself with fig leaves. It's not that he accepted wisdom it would cover his sin.

Good News from Mars (Part 1)

Those of us, who are customary with Advocate Paul's sermon at Mars Hill, achieve that it was delivered while he was on his be with disciple journey. It was subsequent his brief visit to Thessalonica where his gospel was well received, above all among the Greek community.

Good News from Mars (Part 2)

Paul is led up a 512 ft. hill, Mars Hill, also known as Areopagus, and there he faces the Epicureans and the Stoics (and others).

Unfinished Woman

I'm at that place in life many refer to as "the dark night of the soul". My companion and I just buffed and moved into our dream home.

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