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Animal Totems

What the Animals Tell Us"I am the Sun's son. I sit upon a turquoise horse At the aperture of the sky" Navajo Horse SongEach brute has its own nature, its own persona and is a account of a power such as depth for the lion or speed for the jaguar.

Practical Stress Management -- 7 Spiritual Solutions

Stress is amazingly persistent, even seductive. We get used to affection tight and tense.

How A Begrudge Can Change You

As we go by means of life we all have to deal with feelings of anger, bitterness or anger when associates hurt us. Can you think of a big name who has hurt you so badly that you are conclusion it actually hard to let go of the pain or grudge?Tracey's first wife beat her every time he got drunk.

Using Psalm 23 as Spiritual Affirmation

INTRODUCTIONSpiritual affirmations are positive, statements of intention, that facilitate manifestation. This actual Biblical Psalm used as spiritual assertion both protects us and connects us with our Senior Faith, and hence our Privileged Destiny.

Spirit and the Law of Cause and Effect

Most of our troubles are bought about by exercising our own free will.If you have a war, there will be many people, who will ask, Why does the Great Atmosphere not stop it? Why does the Great Apparition not try to avert it?The concrete truth is that the associates of the world are to blame.

Spiritual Sanity

Prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States and its associates of freedom, this clause was on paper in as an outcome of some examination that I concluded concerning the chronicle of world religions and the eagerness of devout dogma that continues to be the mark of "man's brutality to man."After analysis it again four years later, the words held a better blow that seems to threaten the heart of every human soul and that touches the lives of all cultures, all religions and spiritual practices as well as the very souls of all humanity.

8 Ways to Plant Spiritual Ideas Deep in Your Heart

The deep-seated aim of spiritual study is to get facts and main beliefs into the Heart's abundant ground. Ideas must get all through addicted and accustomed filters; otherwise, the in order is diverted from having its full power.

Spiritual Belief

The air surrounding the earth is still a be important of exceptional advantage for logical research. Some physicists have bare and advise that we are existing in a field of energy that surrounds and envelops the earth, like an disguised halo.

Why We Decide on Our Parents

There is a belief in Jewish magical attention known as gilgul, which can be translated as reincarnation. Gilgul does not automatically mean that a soul in its entirety has been reincarnated; it may only be a nitzotz, or spark of a soul, that is reincarnated.

Are You a Microwave or Crock Pot?

In our fast paced association we often want the lot done abruptly or your boss wants it done yesterday. In your spiritual life are you a Microwave or Crock Pot? I think often we want God to counter our prayers in Microwave fashion.

Anam Cara - The Blessing

In Corrogue it is frosty.The ramp into our "acre of diamonds" is now firm underfoot where ahead of it was a sea of mud.

Well Being and Your Authentic Voice

In Corrogue I feel wonderful.As contacts know I love singing.

Life Education and Beyond

In Corrogue the air is chill and the frost is on the ground.On these autumn mornings the spider's webs are radiant like each was arrayed with diamonds.

Art of Existing - Discovery It's a Breathtaking Life

In Corrogue I am judgment it's a breathtaking life.Let me share with you how this happens.

Inner Beauty - Conclusion the Source

In Corrogue I am in search of the basis of inner beauty.This is a way to find an inner beauty that transforms.

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