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Surviving Separation: A Cinderella Story

I want to tell you a love story. It's essentially about a girl named Cinderella.

Attachment - Oppression or Moha - Their Role in In advance Enlightenment


No Star-Studded Career

What is success? It in all probability means another belongings to assorted people. One anyone said, "Success is the capability to carry out your requirements with graceful ease.

Power of Prayer - The Most Costly Dialogue of Your Life

It's the most able bludgeon on Earth. It can turn the difficult to the likely in a be of importance of seconds.

Learning the Clandestine of Ease (Part 1)

I am not axiom this since I am in need, for I have erudite to be comfort doesn't matter what the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.

The Power of God's Word in Your Prayer Life

Prayer. It's the foundation of a Christian mom's life.

Learning the Clandestine of Gratification (Part 2)

Paul's encouragement to the Philippians is also our encouragement. Care about his afflictions and trials: - I was beaten 5 times by the Jews with a whip- 3 times I was beaten with rods- Once I was stoned- 3 times I was shipwrecked- On many of my messenger journeys, I was in jeopardy from rivers, jeopardy from robbers, dangers from my own people, jeopardy from Gentiles, jeopardy in the city, hazard in the wilderness, chance at sea, likelihood from backstabbers.

The Mentally Dead Church

The morally dead church. Now, I am not chatting about every church.


It was my aim to clarify the word "simple," and by the time I put the judgment into words it became more difficult. I am every now and then at odds with others when I say that amazing is simple, and I must jog your memory them that I did not say easy, there is a big dissimilarity among the two terms.

Afraid Of Analysis The Bible? I Was!

A magnificent basis of life cover and it's FREE. You can't fault that! You won't find me preaching to any person about religion.

Starved Spirits, Mournful Souls

Give us today our daily bread. Matthew 6:11 (NIV) We can be intelligent, healthy, rich, and dutiful and it would be carrying no great weight not including bread.

Christian Forums: The Heroic Clash Concerning the Air force of Good and the Demon of Anti-Access

Saturday I was hangin' ten on my Dell when I ran diagonally a Christian Forum. Not just any Christian forum, THE Christian Forum.

E=mc², Emotional & Animal Gravity

The word "gravity" is a word coined by Sir Isaac Newton to depict an unseen force that attracts matter with mass to each other. As human beings active on globe earth we encounter this force as one which constantly impedes us from hanging away into the cosmos.

Complicated is Born of a Clean Thought

(Channelled)Roy, this break of day in "Roy Bits," you tried to write about clear-cut and it became more arduous as you put your belief on paper. What you have demonstrated is the very essence of life.

Indian Acquaintance and Frauds

Iktomi:Another and fairly longer term correspondent of mine is a Lakota Sioux Purist in the adopted ancestors of Fool's Crow or Black Elk. There are many New Age Indian gurus which I have asked her about, plus Red Elk.

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