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Psychic Vampires, and How to Cope with Them!

Forget what you have read or seen about vampires. The old image of count Dracula, or even his current contempories is not what we are going to talk about here.

What is Prayer?

Prayer from a child's clean bedtime prayer, to the prayers of the most affectionate monks of the eastern religions, is amazing that is done the world over.My thesaurus says prayer is:1.

The Hand of God

There I was breathing in a tiny bedroom in my parent's not-so-large, five room apartment. I had, as they say, "run out of options.

The Beyond Secret

It's not closely a news flash that we live in an increasingly composite society. Knowledge is varying at a pace so briskly that even the experts are hard short of to keep up.

Trust is Prosperity

A while back the Lord had given me this idea which has prompted me to study it advance and find out just what He meant. He told me, "Trust is Prosperity".

Elvis Left the House and Moved in with Me!

Years ago no affair where I lived, whether a house was new or not, I'd encounter doors cavity and finishing by themselves, items dying only to be found later in the strangest places, since ancestors others didn't and being touched by unseen hands. Not only was this unnerving; it was also actually frustrating! Each time I moved I'd think "Here we go again! What surprises are in store for me this time?"As luck would have it I in the end cultured several, a scream techniques on how to 'cleanse' my homes on an energy level.

Gods Will

Many may astonishment what is God's will, or how do I put God's will into my life? Well let's see what the Bible says about God's will. We must first absorb that Jesus wants us to be holy.

Do Good Luck Symbols, Charms, & Talismans Actually Work?

Symbols and representation are admired in about every civilisation, cultivation and religious conviction that has evolved on Earth. They are genuinely embedded in the way of our life itself.

Bringing Heaven to Earth: Looking for the Good

Everyday I am challenged to find the good in things: world events; newspaper headlines; fatherland issues; even my marriage. Of all of the Spiritual Scientist characteristics this one seems to go in and out of focus the most.

Bringing Heaven to Earth: Applying Spiritual Ideology Consistently Over Time

I am often asked to account for what I mean by befitting a spiritual scientist - in other words, what's the discipline part? As these terms are being bantered about quite generously these days, I appreciated the occasion to elucidate what for me is a clean and profound process.Becoming a spiritual scientist is a means to an end.

Servants of the Antichrist

The "Left Behind" cycle is inspiring, in that it makes colonize think about serious, life-and-death situations. Yet it tends to assume that, even in the face of disaster, life for fundamentalist American Christians will base about the same morals and goals that have dominated their lives up until now.

The Pizza Parable

Behold, a a selection of young maiden did often times and at alien hours completely appeal a pizza. This would often ensue in the second or the third watch, when home approach was not available.

Animal Totems - Acknowledge the Gifts They Have To Offer You

You can think of your Bodily Totems as imaginary guides on your life journey. You might also think of them as Power Animals for the reason that each one imparts a exceptional energy, or power, to your life.

How to Hear the Voice of God

In this cycle I would like to take you by means of the Word of God to show you how we can all openly hear the voice of God. I would also like to show you how to train manually in audible range and being led by the voice of God.

Truly Save

I can truly say to this day of August, 2005, that if you call on Jesus, he will clearly save your life. I'm assessment of a time when I know it for a fact that it was the Grace of God that saved me.

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