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The World Revolves About Me

Lately I have befit aware of a new truth that is formulating in my life.After years of study in New Age and New Attention a new awareness of self is emerging.

Spiritual Growth: Procedures for How Youre Doing

In my yard are quarter-circles of grass increasing taller than the rest. There 's also a 12-foot crowd with no grass.

Homeless, Rejected, and Poor

Fanny J. Crosby's eminent hymn, "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," describes the Rescuer in terms of Isaiah 53: "He was insufferable and afflicted," and then adds, "homeless, rejected, and poor.

What Is The Spiritual Path?

For many years of my life, I brain wave the spiritual path had amazing to do with next one of the major world religions or pursuing an Eastern practice. I even attention it had a bit to do with morality and ethics.

Can You Live The Christ Life?

Were you lied to as babe Christian? I was..

How Its At all times Now

How do we feel the abundance of life itself?We have to go beneath the busy mind. And go into that deep sense of being itself.

Becoming Enlightened

Enlightenment, which is as diverse as each individual's fingerprint, is an be subjected to of rescue our perfection in God or Christ consciousness, and words alone cannot articulate the ecstasy and peace in that discovery. God energy is accurate energy, and as we are God's offspring, so are we perfect.

A Bellyful of Mindfulness

Taco Bell, the Mexican fast-food franchise, has a new ad crusade focusing on the slogan, "Get full." The commercials show associates excitedly announcing that they are full--thanks, of course, to the huge value meals now accessible at Taco Bell.


"For lack of guidance a country falls, but many advisors make a victory sure." --Proverbs 11:14, NIVLove, that is the one thing that is above the law.

What Is Wrong With Being Common?

The Emmaus Journal What is Wrong With Being Common? This questioning title has grimly lingered in my mind for the past few months. Precociously tethered inside a shallow shame and short of to the cliff of distasteful obsolescence; it seemingly mustered one final crack surrounded by my mind to be heard.

Bone Box of the Rich and Famous

The differ connecting the two men could not have been more striking. Caiaphas, the high priest, was among the rich and famous, arguably the most able Jew alive in A.

Going Where Youve Never Gone Before

One of the first issues associates on the spiritual path have to deal with is a doctrinal one: Is it wrong to ask questions that I've never asked before? Is asking questions about the truth we've been skilled "sinful?" Your counter can have a dramatic achieve on your capability to explore who you are and what you have faith in in not including guilt!If any person has ever told you that the path to spiritual self-awareness (defined in it's simplest terms as "knowing who you are and what you consider in, and charter those beliefs be the forceful force in your life") is an easy one, they were being less than honest!Finding your own truth in these times of awkwardness and alteration is no small undertaking, and it isn't astonishing that many associates begin the journey full of hope and enthusiasm, but - as each step becomes even more awkward as it requires even more honestly with by hand and with others - they begin to lose courage. They find a comfortable area of little variation - a point in their lives where clothes are beat than they used to be - and they conclude that staying where they are might not be such a bad option.

Creating Our Own Emotional Chaos

It's amazing how - even when we're effective from a "higher vision" - we still see the people, the measures and the situation in our lives with the same perspective: our own! It's "only human" to constantly be able to see how right we are in any given situation, and it's continually awkward - and every so often impossible! - to look at ourselves and our procedures all the way through the other person's eyes. But if we especially want to grow - if we especially want to know who we are - then we have to be eager to look at ourselves a a small amount more dispassionately - a hardly more convincingly - then we're used to doing, and we have to be enthusiastic to acknowledge conscientiousness - both for the way we definite ourselves emotionally, and for the bring about we have on other citizens all the way through that expression.

Connecting to Spirit

Every soul that is at this time experiencing life on any level begins and ends as a whole. Our essence - the very core of our spiritual being - corpse One with God.

Livin On A Prayer

When I was a child, I belief as a child, and I prayed as a child. Every night I bunged my eyes tightly and said the words my look after trained me:"Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

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